"THE REVOLT" (the "Film") will be an independent, feature-length film based on Menachem Begin's non-fiction book, "The Revolt (The True Story of the Irgun Zvai Leumi)" originally published in Hebrew in 1950, translated into English in 1951, and reissued fourteen times. The project is currently in development and is a true story.


A single-purpose California limited liability company, The Revolt, LLC (the "LLC"), will serve as the production entity for the Film, through which all Film-related agreements will be entered into. The LLC will also serve as the investment vehicle for the Film, into which all production monies raised in connection with the Film will be invested and from which any proceeds will be distributed.


The producers have secured exclusive film and television motion picture rights to Menachem Begin's book, "The Revolt" and his life story, pursuant to an option/purchase agreement entered into with the Begin estate.

The producers have contracted with award-winning screenwriters to author the original screenplay of THE REVOLT, which has been reviewed for historical accuracy by the resident historian of the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem, and vetted by Menachem Begin's colleagues and personal friends.


Menachem Begin has a plan to drive the British garrison out of Palestine, but first he must overcome violent opposition from his own people. THE REVOLT tells the true story of how the Irgun fought to establish the state of Israel, and narrowly avoided civil war.